In silence I
Struggled ‘gainst the Beast
The Devil’s own pet
Soul ‘gainst soul
And heart ‘gainst hunger
In lapse I
Let slip the Dog of War
And in the havoc cry’d
“Woe is me
For surely I will die!”
In horror I
Watch’d it turn with horns aflame
With chilling mirth, begin to gore
All I’d ever love’d
And all I’d ever cherish’d
In pain I
Survey’d the broken cage
Inside my heart
I’d thought could hold
The Devil’s own pet
In sorrow I
Overlook’d the field
Where the Beast of his
Prevailed ‘gainst the Best
Of me, not enough.
In anguish I
Resolve’d that never
Never again would the Beast
Be shelter’d in my heart
Not even in a cage.


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